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The issuance of this 'Approval Of Workshop' from Bureau Veritas has been based on a satisfactory result of the initial audit and remains valid until 08/12/2011.


Also Germanischer Lloyds approval in accordance with the Rules for welding (Rules for classification and construction, II - Material and Welding Technology, part 3 - Welding)


News1   2016-10-22 12:51:22
Hego Trends Gazelle
News1   2016-09-09 06:32:57
New order from Deme for oil & gas offshore project
News1   2016-08-12 10:32:29
Total Raf plaatst mooi order
News1   2016-07-09 19:31:49
Unique offshore equipment
News1   2016-07-09 09:21:13
Cargill kiest opnieuw Hego